Shipping & Delivery Policy

If you have any inquiry?

Ali Metal Craft assumes no responsibility for delays in delivery caused by the courier company or postal authorities. Our commitment is to transfer the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities within the agreed-upon time from the date of payment confirmation. All orders will be delivered to the buyer’s registered address based on our previous records. Any changes to billing, shipping address, or updates to GST details must be communicated at the time of payment confirmation. Card payments are accepted at all times unless otherwise specified during the order placement.

Ali Metal Craft assumes no responsibility for any damage to the order during transit to the buyer. Please refer to our General Policy for comprehensive coverage of all related aspects.

Although we aim to dispatch all items in your order simultaneously, it might not always be feasible due to product characteristics or availability

Kindly be advised that all items, including gifts, will be dispatched with an invoice indicating the price, in accordance with Indian Tax Regulations.

All shipments will be dispatched upon confirmation of full payment. Shipping charges are not included in our prices and will be added based on actual costs. We utilize various shipping methods

Domestic orders will be dispatched using registered domestic courier services, cargo companies, and/or speed post exclusively. Shipments are typically processed within 5-9 working days or in accordance with the agreed-upon delivery date specified during order confirmation. The delivery of the shipment is subject to the norms of the respective Courier Company or post office. Any disputes regarding the transit of goods should be addressed directly with the relevant companies through their customer service support.

International purchasers will receive their orders exclusively through registered international courier companies and/or International Speed Post for shipping and delivery.